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In Champion Chronicles, we dive deep into issues, policies, and struggles families are facing in our community and what we can do change it. Learn more about how Anthem Strong Families is committed to improving our community through meaningful information and facts from health and safety to important cultural and policy nuggets to back to school tidbits.

By Lisa RossWellbeing


As we close out Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on a form of violence that doesn’t get a lot of attention and that’s verbal abuse.  Sometimes it...

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By Lisa RossFamily

Back to School in Uncertain Times

As we begin the school year, the global pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty in our daily lives.  Both parents and students are facing profound anxiety, fear, and stress. ...

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By Lisa RossUncategorized


If your family is not perfect you’ve come to the right place. The truth of the matter is that none of us have perfect families. We all struggle with communicating with our...

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By Rodolfo IbarraUncategorized

Ser “Papá”/Being “Dad”

-Te voy a decir una cosa. Aprovecha ahorita que tienes tiempo y duerme todo lo que puedas, porque cuando nazca tu hijo….ya no vas a poder dormir igual!!!- Con estas...

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By Terrence SampsonFatherhood

Tribute on Father’s Day

It is often said, “It takes a village to raise a child,” but it also should be said, “It takes a man to lead a boy down the path to...

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By Lisa RossWellbeing

Prioritizing Mental Health

Our mental and physical health should be treated equally. We spend countless dollars on our physical health from purchasing workout equipment to gym memberships and the latest gear. However, the brain...

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By Lisa RossFamily

What does a Mother really want for Mother’s Day?

What does a Mother really want for Mother’s Day? So much fuss goes into this special day of recognition. In retail, planning begins months in advance. Flower shops are super busy....

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What is the difference between a champion and a hero?

What’s the difference between a CHAMPION and a hero? In a cultural era of hero worship, it begs the question. At Anthem Strong Families (ASF) we have discovered that CHAMPIONS...

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By Lisa RossWellbeing

Checking In: Women’s History Month

From the beginning of time women have made game-changing contributions to culture and society. In the U.S. we have celebrated Women’s History Month during March since the first presidential proclamation...

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By Neal PrevostRelationships

The Way We Divorce is Tragic

The divorce rate in the USA is roughly 50 percent which means almost half of all marriages end in divorce.  In some disadvantaged communities, the divorce rate is closer to...

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