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In Champion Chronicles, we dive deep into issues, policies, and struggles families are facing in our community and what we can do change it. Learn more about how Anthem Strong Families is committed to improving our community through meaningful information and facts from health and safety to important cultural and policy nuggets to back to school tidbits.

Holiday Self Care
By Lisa RossWellness

HOLIDAY SELF CARE – One Step At a Time

This is one year where self care is essential and perhaps especially important during the holidays. Staying active is critical to mental and physical health and walking is one of...

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By Lisa RossWellness

Keeping Your Family Healthy This Winter

When the coronavirus began taking a front seat in our lives in March 2020, who really believed we would still be wearing masks and social distancing nine months later?  Everything...

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By Lisa RossWellbeing

The Census and Your Right to Vote

The Census is extremely important. The census has counted every household since 1790. It provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners, teachers, and many others use to provide daily services, products, and...

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By Lisa RossWellness

Keeping Yourself and Others Well During a Pandemic

Yes, it’s difficult to believe we are still here – right in the middle of a global pandemic.  Leaders around the country are making decisions about whether school districts around...

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By Jeannette UmanzorWellness

Father’s Day in COVID-19

This Father’s Day will be unlike any other. Gone are the days of huge family get-togethers and packed restaurant dinners. While Texas continues to reopen the state, we are seeing...

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By Cosette BowlesWellness

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention Month, also known as Child Abuse Prevention Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States dedicated to raising awareness and preventing child abuse....

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By Cosette BowlesFrom Cosette

An Update From Anthem Strong Families Founder And CEO Cosette Bowles

In just three short weeks our lives have changed. Have they changed forever?  We don’t know. We are all hoping that the shelter-at-home orders from both the national and county...

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By Lisa RossWellness

6 Things to Do While Sheltering-in-Place

Sheltering-in-place is not easy.  Being in a closed environment without an idea of when the sequestering will end is even more difficult. As humans, we feel better when we have...

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By Cosette BowlesWellbeing

National Optimism Month

As March winds down we were reminded today that its National Optimism Month!  Considering the global pandemic, it’s difficult to remain optimistic but how we show up in our attitude and our...

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