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What is Domestic Violence?

Just what is domestic violence? What’s the difference between some arguments that get out of hand and “domestic violence?” How does violence affect children? Learn the different forms of domestic violence, how to recognize the signs of abuse, its intergenerational effects, and how to best support loved ones dealing with trauma from violence.

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Drug, Substance, and Alcohol Education

We will define addiction and discuss the devastating impact it has on both the life of the abuser and their loved ones. Consider what life can look like without addiction’s grip on you and/or your loved ones. Learn alternative ways to process life’s highs and lows and how to reclaim your life.

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Name It, Claim It, and Tame It! (Stress vs Anger Management)

The lines between anger and stress can often become blurred for us. While stress is caused primarily by factors out of our hands, anger is an emotional response we can control–if we have the right tools! In this mini-clinic we will explore their differences and ways to manage each using the tool: name it, claim it, and tame it!

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