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Champion Chronicle

In Champion Chronicles, we dive deep into issues, policies, and struggles families are facing in our community and what we can do change it. Learn more about how Anthem Strong Families is committed to improving our community through meaningful information and facts from health and safety to important cultural and policy nuggets to back to school tidbits.

By Luis LueraWellbeing

The Power of Generosity

A win-win for the giver and receiver Generosity is a virtue valued in all cultures. It is the act of giving freely to others without expecting anything in return. Generosity...

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By Gabrielle PinaUncategorized

The 2022 Dallas Regional Family and Fatherhood Summit


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By Luis LueraUncategorized

A Boy and His Dad…

As a boy, one does not comprehend the magnitude and enormity of love a dad has for his son. Countless times, the boy takes for granted the quiet sacrifices the...

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By Trina TaylorUncategorized

Celebrating our own, Karla Medina on this 2023 Mother’s Day

Congratulations to Anthem Strong Families’ very own Karla Medina, Intake Specialist, who graduated from  UNT Dallas, SUMMA CUM LAUDE! Karla received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Karla dreamed of...

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By Trina TaylorUncategorized


Mental Health Awareness Month was established in 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans' lives, and to celebrate recovery from mental illness. Millions of...

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By Lisa RossWellness

Name It, Claim It, and Tame It! (Stress Management)

WHAT DOES STRESS DO TO OUR BODIES?We’ve all heard the adage ‘stress kills.’  It’s such a common saying that it’s become cliché. But what does it mean really? Distress can...

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By Cosette BowlesUncategorized

2022 Accomplishments: A Year in Review

2022 was another remarkable year for Anthem Strong Families (ASF). We continued to significantly impact Dallas counties under resourced communities and families by continuing robust online learning, relocating to new...

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By Lisa RossWellbeing

Restore. Replenish. Rejuvenate!

We’re in the middle of January and if you’re like me, you launched into the New Year with vigor and purpose.  Your “to-do” list is long. Your life is pretty...

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By Rodolfo IbarraWellbeing

Let’s Live Another Year!

"Today mom died. Or maybe yesterday. I do not know." The character, Meursault, begins Albert Camus' famous work: "The Stranger" with this line. The novel hints at a lack of...

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By Lisa RossWellness

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep loss is such a common problem that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared it a public health epidemic. It can be the result of insomnia, when...

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