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Anthem Strong Families strives to be the champions for our community by educating, equipping and empowering men, women and youth to be the Champion for their life, their marriage, their children and their family.

After completing the program and becoming a TYRO, I was now motivated to serve fathers in prison. With my change of heart, spirit, and commitment reflecting the new me, many of my family members and friends also went through the TYRO program.

Dedrick Tubbs

TYRO affected me a lot. My favorite lesson dealt with family legacies. I created a family crest that I hope will represent my family and encourage us to do even more. I am now challenging my daughter to go to college. I am a TYRO and I am Strong!

Josefina Garcia

The TYRO Champion DAD program helped me come face-to-face with so many things that were still prohibiting me from progressing further. I am a husband, father of six, mentor others both young and old, and started my own non-profit organization. I am Proud of who I am and what I am becoming. I am a TYRO.

Patrick McCleveland