Letting Go of Depression: Back on track!

Do you or someone you know often feel down and depressed? Does that little voice inside talk to you like a loser and blame your character? Do you put things off or just fill your time with meaningless actions instead of doing those things that you know you should do? Come get tools to learn how to get yourself feeling better and back on track!

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Good Grief: The Path To Peace

Do you know that grieving is one of the most important ways to create a good life? Most of us understand grieving when we lose someone grieving is also a way to cope with many of life’s losses? Unemployment, ill health, even simple changes in our lives–like our children growing up can create a need to grieve. Learn todo “good”grieving and stay away from “destructive” grieving. Come learn the difference and understand how to get through losses to embrace a happy life.

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