The Dallas Regional Family And Fatherhood Summit

Anthem Strong Families, NationalResponsible Fatherhood Clearing House, and the Center for Urban Families brought together national, regional and local leaders to examine“the grip of fatherlessness on our future.” Experts discussed the force-multiplier of fatherlessness and how it affects all aspects of society like teenage pregnancy, the high school dropout rate, drug abuse, domestic violence and other social indicators

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Former and active program participants gather for our annual Champion Family Reunion! We give families the opportunity to escape from day-to-day life and struggles, and enjoy music, food, old fashioned sack races, tug-of-war and family-oriented table games. We believe families are the cornerstone of the community and celebrating the importance of families is extremely important to us.

Champions in Our Midst

Anthem Strong Families’ awards luncheon honoring individuals, businesses and corporations that have chosen to be the champion for their families, constituents and employees.The honorees are members of the Dallas/Fort Worth community who are transforming lives, fashioning innovative family friendly policies and providing vision and courageous leadership to help families soar.