Champions in Our Midst

“Champions in our Midst” is Anthem Strong Families’ awards luncheon honoring individuals, businesses and corporations that have chosen to be the champion for their families, constituents and employees. The honorees are members of the Dallas/Fort Worth community who are transforming lives, fashioning innovative family friendly policies and providing vision and courageous leadership to help families soar.

Call for Nominees

Champions in our Midst is Anthem Strong Families (ASF) bi-annual awards program honoring people, corporations and organizations that are working to champion families and family-friendly policies, programs, and initiatives. In 2022 we are focusing on people and organizations that led rapid response efforts during the pandemic and who provided outstanding service and leadership during an unprecedented time in our history.

Anthem Strong Families recognizes six organizations and/or people who are demonstrating an outstanding commitment to employees and communities. Awardees are aligned with the ASF mission: to strengthen communities and families by educating, equipping, and empowering men, women, and youth to be the champion for their lives, marriages, children, and family.

ASF believes that strong families are the pillar, heart, and soul of vibrant communities. Research shows and data supports the facts that strong and healthy families affects every aspect of life from health and education to crime and poverty. For more than 15-years ASF has worked tirelessly to promote the strength and vitality of communities and future generations by reconnecting and restoring families through transformative programs, classes and mini clinics that embrace integrity, problem solving, strong and healthy relationships, achievement, economic empowerment and family stability.

Nominating and Awards Criteria


  • Institutes benefits, policies and programs that promote employee’s quality of life and work/life balance
  • Demonstrates workplace cultures and policies that reflect family or employee centered beliefs
  • Promotes workplace relationships with supervisors and co-workers that are respectful of employee’s work-family responsibilities
  • Employs innovative policies and/or procedures that support family health

Community Organizations

  • Demonstrates an outstanding commitment to being a change agent and/or changing the lives of constituents for the better
  • Create impactful programs to strengthen families
  • Significantly reduced statistics that address social ills that affect families
  • Creating possibilities in the community that allow families to soar
  • Creating or employing systems change agenda that significantly alters the way business is conducted; collaborations are instituted, or funding shifted that addresses family issues

Individual (s)

  • A person or persons who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment toward championing families and supporting family-friendly policies
  • A person or persons who have leveraged their influence and changed policies or procedures in support of family-friendly policies and programs
  • A person or person (s) that has demonstrated leadership to inspire and encourage programs, policies or procedures to advance families

Award Categories

The Paladin Award

Is the highest CHAMPION AWARD for an individual, organization or corporation. The PALADIN AWARD recognizes those with a passion for and dedication to continuous improvement and who has dedicated their life’s work or significant corporate resources to making outstanding contributions and major differences with families.

The Warrior Award

Recognizes an individual, organization and/or corporation fighting on behalf of family-friendly policies, procedures and/or guidelines that change outcomes for families. The recipient of this award is committed to staying the course for change and fighting obstacles

The Guardian Award

Recognizes individuals, organizations and corporations who are providing CHAMPION LEADERSHIP and innovation on behalf of families. This recipient is considered by their peers and/or constituents a role model and exhibits behavior and/or policies that inspire, encourage and challenge others to achieve performance excellence on behalf of families and family policies.

The Hero Award

Recognizes individuals, organizations and/or corporations who are displaying a relentless display of courage in pursuing family-friendly policies and ideals. The HERO may travel into the face of danger yet combats fear and adversity for positive outcomes

Nominating Guidelines

  1. This form must be submitted for all nominations and emailed to Trina Taylor at
  2. Nominee’s Resume – Include the nominee’s resume or biography, describing his/her background and contributions.
  3. Award Criteria Narrative – In no more than two typed pages, provide specific, concrete examples of accomplishments.
  4. Articles and Letters – To present a comprehensive picture of the nominee, please include up to 2 news or magazine articles written by or about the candidate and (2) 1 letter of support from individuals or organizations. ASF relies on the entire nomination packet in selecting each year’s honorees. The limitation on articles and letters of support will be observed.
  5. Complete Submission Package – In order to be considered, all of the above items must be received by the Anthem Strong Families by the close of business at 5:00 PM Central Time on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Additional Procedures

  1. The nomination form and your supporting materials constitute the SOLE basis for the nomination and materials will not be returned.
  2. The limitation on articles and letters of support will be observed. Anything in excess of 5 letters or 10 articles will not be considered.
  3. Current and past employees of Anthem Strong Families are not eligible for awards.
  4. Current and former Advisory or Executive Board members are not eligible for awards.

2019 Honoree Videos


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