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Mission & Vision

Families are the building blocks of our community.

 It is the collection of the individual family units that translates into the quality of our education, the strength of our economy and the safety of our streets. Our Vision is to see all families soar and succeed. A strong family plays a central role in a toddler blossoming into a young person positioned to pursue the American dream. This is true for every citizen regardless of race, economic status or zip code.

Anthem Strong Families strives to Be the Champion for our community by educating, equipping and empowering men, women and youth to Be the Champion for their life, their marriage, their children and their family.

Our Goals

  • Struggling Home to Thriving Family
  • Economic Expense to Economic Contributor
  • Inadequate Income to Middle-Skill Wage Earner
  • Needy Toddler to Capable Pre-Schooler
  • Drop Out to Graduate
  • Perpetrator to Protector

Core Values


We believe in the power of families to direct and guide the next generation and the importance of investing in families.


We believe in the power of strong and healthy communities.


We provide quality education and lively workshops to lift families out of generational poverty, restore relationships and offer tools to create strong families.


We believe in the force-multiplier of ‘each one/bring.


Every human being deserves to be treated with respect


Our word is our bond.


We are dedicated to uplifting families.


We will be excellent in everything we do.


We know that compassion is the bedrock of delivering quality service.


We believe unity is the antidote to divisiveness in our world, and the glue to vibrant communities and healthy families.

Our Programs

Fortify Communities by Investing in Families

We strengthen communities and help them soar by investing in families, enabling them to pass life-enhancing skills to their children and grand-children. We believe, and data supports, that strong families create vibrant and healthy communities.


TRYO champion dad program is a 90 day evidence based intensive process…

Family & Relationship Matters

Family is important to all of us. Knowing how to navigate the challenges…

Workforce Development

Our goal is to being transformative changes to low-income…