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Parenting with Your Ex and Living Through It

Co-parenting! Just the thought of it can give you a splitting headache! But many times it is the children who suffer the most in this situation. Learn how to work respectfully together to give your children the stability, security and freedom to love you both without feeling torn. Find out how to create the friendly, peaceful co-parenting relationship that your child deserves and free yourself to move away from the past to create a future you deserve.

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Parents and Teens Workshop

So, this is what you’ve always heard about! Those difficult teen years! Are you surprised to learn that this is thought by both parents AND teens? Do you feel misunderstood, treated disrespectfully and many times alienated from the one you love? We offer parents and teens a unique experience: Parents together in one room and teens together in another. Learn how to express yourself and be heard and the importance of communicating love, respect and different perspectives.

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Champion Parenting 1 (Anger Management)

Staying the adult is so hard and learning to be the best parent you can be is not simple! Knowing what gets to you and how you can plan ahead to react differently is important. Not letting children have the power to destroy a situation is key to them growing up emotionally strong and able to have good relationships. Come learn how to manage your anger and frustration and effectively communicate with your children.

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Champion Parenting 2 (Family Wellness Matters)

A family is made up of different personalities and each person is valuable. Join us in a lively exercise to identify the unique structure of your family and the importance of each member’s role. Communicating, problem solving and identifying each other’s strengths is the structure that will make a strong, caring family.

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