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Author: Rodolfo Ibarra

By Rodolfo IbarraWellbeing

Let’s Live Another Year!

"Today mom died. Or maybe yesterday. I do not know." The character, Meursault, begins Albert Camus' famous work: "The Stranger" with this line. The novel hints at a lack of...

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By Charles DillionWellbeing

Breaking the Cycle of Self-Destruction

Each of us are probably familiar with one or all of the following instances illustrating self-destructive behavior; the disobedience in the Greek myth of Icarus, the response to violence in...

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By Rodolfo IbarraUncategorized

Ser “Papá”/Being “Dad”

-Te voy a decir una cosa. Aprovecha ahorita que tienes tiempo y duerme todo lo que puedas, porque cuando nazca tu hijo….ya no vas a poder dormir igual!!!- Con estas...

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By Neal PrevostRelationships

The Way We Divorce is Tragic

The divorce rate in the USA is roughly 50 percent which means almost half of all marriages end in divorce.  In some disadvantaged communities, the divorce rate is closer to...

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By Jeannette UmanzorWellness

Father’s Day in COVID-19

This Father’s Day will be unlike any other. Gone are the days of huge family get-togethers and packed restaurant dinners. While Texas continues to reopen the state, we are seeing...

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