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Breaking the Cycle of Self-Destruction

Each of us are probably familiar with one or all of the following instances illustrating self-destructive behavior; the disobedience in the Greek myth of Icarus, the response to violence in hip hop music by the Stop the Violence Movement song entitled, “Self-Destruction,” or the rags to riches to rags movie character, Jordon Belfort, in The Wolf of Wall Street. And if you’re not familiar with either, examine your life and I’m certain you’ll find examples. Self-destructive behavior is when we cause ourselves unnecessary harm. It’s an unhealthy coping mechanism that usually occur during times of feeling out of control, distressed, or going through significant challenges in a life situation.

The most important thing is to understand when the behavior begins and what triggers it. Once you know what triggers the behavior, intentionally work to replace it with a healthy one. Some people are unaware of the damage they are causing themselves and those close to them. Some behaviors are obvious, others subtle but all are learned and can be unlearned or relearned. It’s important to recognize that the self-destructive behavior cycle must be addressed, so start your journey – to learn, unlearn, and relearn by contacting us at

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