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TYRO Champion Dad Program is CHANGING LIVES

Anthem Strong Families’ TYRO CHAMPION DAD PROGRAM is one of the most integrated fatherhood initiatives in the State of Texas.  

The program restores lives, reconnects fathers with their children and empowers fathers to be their absolute BEST for their children and families.  To be CHAMPIONS.  Graduates from the program become TYROS– a Latin word which means apprentice or warrior.

The 90-day evidenced-based intensive process includes 1-year of rigorous case management, mentoring and ongoing support services as needed.  Men and women learn to move from a survival mentality and poverty mindset to one of achievement and success while embracing self-efficacy and executive function. Class activities help participants to recognize bad choices and change underlying assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and thinking patterns that have had negative consequences for themselves and their families.   At the end of the program the goal is for participants to have living-wage jobs with ongoing resources to help them to continue to succeed.


  • Rigorous, integrated case management
  • Mentoring for 1-year
  • Individualized Life/Work Plan
  • Anger Management
  • Bootcamp for new dads
  • Parenting, marital and pre-marital assistance
  • Financial literacy
  • Child support assistance
  • Mental health resources
  • Extensive evaluation

TYRO Jon Carrera spent more than 7 years in federal prison.  He says when he was first released his kids were performing poorly in school.  Now they are soaring.  “Being a TYRO is like being a part of an extended family – I know they care.  And, through the rigorous case management and mentoring they’ve been with me through the tough times of trying to find my rhythm after being incarcerated.  I know my identity is not tied to my brokenness,” Carrera says.


For more information on the program contact 214-426-0900 or register here.


2 replies on “TYRO Champion Dad Program is CHANGING LIVES”

michale boyd

Many men and women living in extreme poverty and adverse conditions have been raised to identify a comfort to struggle and live in a environment that has been the only vision and there are some that are forced to survive from the cause of parental abandonment that I understood creates desperate choices mentally I have lived in both and today my calling is to help educate those that mentally need a better way to think and better choices of resources that impact the mindset and physically embrace a higher education in all related areas before the penalties outweigh the consequence’s in our new generational society

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