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6 Things to Do While Sheltering-in-Place

Sheltering-in-place is not easy.  Being in a closed environment without an idea of when the sequestering will end is even more difficult. As humans, we feel better when we have a sense of security and these are uncertain times.  Doing something for ourselves, having goals and maintaining a schedule will help us to cope better as well as give us a sense of achievement during this this unprecedented trial of COVID-19.   Here are 6 things you can do for yourself during the COVID-19 crisis:


  1. Complete the 2020 Census.

Completing the census is important. The 2020 Census will determine congressional representation, determines how much federal funding goes toward local communities for the next decade and is also used to draw congressional state and legislative districts. Census data also helps health providers predict the spread of diseases through communities with children or the elderly.


  1. Learn something new.

There are countless free learning opportunities via Smart phones and technology.  A google search can help you find myriad schools and training classes covering just about every subject one can imagine.  Even Ivy league schools offer free on-line classes.  It’s only a stroke of the keyboard away.


  1. Read a book.

Even with most stores closed Amazon delivers and books are offered via audio.  This may be an opportunity to finally make a goal of reading or listening to an array of books to enrich your body, soul or spirit.


  1. Engage in Random Acts of Kindness.

Acts of kindness and generosity take our eyes off or our own circumstances.  There are many needs in the community right now.  Purchase groceries for a friend. Offer to clean an elderly neighbor’s yard or make a music playlist for someone.

  1. Exercise

It’s important to take care of ourselves during this time.  Take a walk, download an app, bend, stretch.  Whatever you do – keep it moving.


  1. Write Letters.

Writing letters is almost a lost art but sending a personal letter is deeply personal and encouraging. Instead of sending an email or text write a letter to your children, spouse or friends!  The post office is still open!

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