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What is the difference between a champion and a hero?

What’s the difference between a CHAMPION and a hero? In a cultural era of hero worship, it begs the question. At Anthem Strong Families (ASF) we have discovered that CHAMPIONS are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  It’s not situational.  No one with a cape has swooped down on a bolt of lightning to rescue a damsel in distress.  In our world, CHAMPIONS are doing the hard labor to rescue themselves, their children, their marriage and doing the heavy lifting to engage their teens.  At ASF our CHAMPIONS are changing their behavior to have a better life.  They have embraced integrity, responsibility and a warrior-spirit that says, “I can do this.”

In the movie, Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome, Tina Turner belts out the lyrics from We Don’t Need Another Hero “Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage, can’t make the same mistake this time.  We are the children, the last generation (the last generation) we are the ones they left behind.  And I wonder when we are ever gonna change, change living under the fear, til nothing else remains.  We don’t need another hero, We don’t need to know the way home, All we want is life…

Your CHAMPION can be your dad, mom, a teacher, or friend.  CHAMPIONS show up and help us to do the heavy lifting in our lives.  CHAMPIONS are not necessarily rescuers – yet they help us to participate in our own rescue.  CHAMPIONS are kind and give us a word of encouragement and inspiration.  And, they are fighters, warriors who know how to battle for good and help us to realize our dreams.  Who is your CHAMPION?