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What does a Mother really want for Mother’s Day?

What does a Mother really want for Mother’s Day? So much fuss goes into this special day of recognition. In retail, planning begins months in advance. Flower shops are super busy. Makeshift flower shops spring up outside of grocery stores on the Saturday before where wilted-overpriced red roses are displayed for last minute shoppers. But what do mothers really want on a day carved out with only them in mind? Here are some ideas to think about while you decide the perfect thing for mom:

  1. To be with her children. Ask any mother what makes her feel special and the answer, hands down is to be with her children and spend time with them. Togetherness is everything for a mom.
  2. A Letter or Handwritten Note Card. Nothing is more personal than a heartfelt note or letter. Tell her about something she did in your life that made an impact on you.
  3. A Special Meal. It’s always nice to go out for a special occasion but if you cooked it yourself it’s extra special. 
  4. To be Pampered. Selfcare has become specifically important during the pandemic. A massage, facial or manicure or pedicure is especially appreciated during these stressful times.
  5. Peace and Serenity. On this one special day – promise mom that there will be no debating, arguing, or noise. Put the household on notice that peace and quiet is the rule of the day.
  6. A Duty-Free Day. Of the 365-days in the year let Mother’s Day be duty-free. Mom doesn’t lift a finger to do anything…not one thing.
  7. Thoughtfulness. Just knowing that motherhood is recognized and acknowledged goes a long way. Simple gestures of love and admiration make moms feel special.