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TYRO Champion Dad Program

Do you want to be the superhero in your children’s lives? Are you looking for camaraderie and how to better your best in a safe environment with other like-minded men? Are you bewildered and feel like you are out of touch with your family? If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions the TYRO CHAMPION FATHERHOOD PROGRAM is for you!

Join us on a journey to learn why fatherhood is important and the crucial role you play in the life of your children.

What is a Tyro?

TYRO means an apprentice, a novice eager to learn, a man or woman of ‘honor and integrity.’

I Am Free

“At the age of 12, I committed a heinous crime and was given a 30-year sentence… I was incarcerated without any form of release for 29 years… Now I am Free to leave my past behind and learn from both my mistakes and my achievements.
I am a TYRO.

– Terrence Sampson

Become a Champion Dad

The TYRO CHAMPION DAD PROGRAM is a 90-day evidenced-based intensive process that assists men to move from a survival mentality and poverty mindset to one of achievement and success.

By replacing a self-defeating mindset, destructive relationships and crisis behavior with self-efficacy, positive relationship skills and resilience action steps, Fatherhood Advocates connect participants with external supports such as housing, employment opportunities and on-going positive mentorship.

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