At Anthem Strong Families we are committed to helping you become “a Man Worth Following” and a champion for your family and your children. This special Program is a 12-week program (3 hours/ per week) for offenders/perpetrators, designed to help you receive skills needed to manage your emotions constructively and give you the tools to help you create a positive, nurturing lifestyle for your family and children. You will also come to understand the definition of domestic violence, signs of abuse and it’s intergenerational effects.

Bringing awareness to this national health crisis and helping both victims and offenders to find answers and solutions that will help lead healthy lives and have stronger relationships.

Anthem Strong Families also offers 3-hour mini clinics for survivors only.

Click here to visit our “Classes” page, scroll down to “Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence” and click “Register (Survivors Only)”.

For more information, contact VeladaC@anthemstrongfamilies.org or ReginaR@AnthemStrongFamilies.org