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Class Description

This parenting class focuses on Anger Management and Communication. Relationship workshops are not just for married couples. As an individual, you have relationships with co-workers, neighbors, family members and friends. You may even have children.

Strengthening your relationship skills will help you greatly in your personal and professional life. Learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts that arise, and much more in our workshops for individual adults.

As a federal grant recipient, Anthem Strong Families offers many of its workshops (in English and Spanish) at no cost to the public. To find out if you or your organization are able to receive free classes, please contact at

  • Learning to Live the Good Life Looking for something better in your everyday relationships? It’s not all about finding new people; maybe it’s time to learn new ways to relate with those already there!
  • Strength Training Raising great kids is both challenging and exciting. It is important to understand what makes you a good parent and learn how to build on those strengths.
  • Anger Management Are you angry about being angry? Who’s in charge? You or your anger? Come learn constructive ways to express your anger
  • Money Habitudes Nobody enjoys starting the money conversation. Come learn what your money personality is and how to discuss money with someone who has a different personality.
  • Parenting Piece by Piece This is a class that focuses on parental stress, piece by piece. Learn how to look at the parts, and manage the whole. This class focuses on the roles of parents and listening skills..