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Engaged Couples (Partners/Relationship Prepping) Mini Clinic March 14, 2020

March 14 @ 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM




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    [Adult Bullying & Peer Pressure] => peer-pressure
    [Becoming a man worth following] => becoming-a-man-worth-following
    [Champion Parenting] => parenting
    [Champion Parenting II] => parenting-anger-management
    [Champion Teen] => teen
    [Child Support] => child-support
    [Coping with Incarceration] => incarceration
    [Couples Communication] => couples-communication
    [Domestic Violence - Next class 2019] => domestic-violence
    [Drug/Substance Abuse] => drug-substance-abuse
    [Engaged] => engaged
    [Faces of Depression] => depression
    [Fatherhood Summit] => fatherhood-summit
    [Financial Educational Class] => financial-educational-class
    [Finding My Soul Mate] => finding-my-soul-mate
    [Healthy Hearts for Women] => healthy_hearts
    [Highlighted] => highlighted
    [Mental Health Awareness] => mental-health-awareness
    [Mini Clinic] => mini-clinic
    [Myths about CPS] => myths_about_cps
    [Parenting Spanish] => spanish
    [Parenting with Your Ex] => parenting-with-ex
    [Path to Peace] => path-to-peace
    [Real Men - Real Talk] => real-men
    [Stress vs Anger Management] => stress-vs-anger
    [Tyro Champion] => tyro-champion
    [Workforce Readiness] => workforce-readiness
    [Workshop] => workshop

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, classes and mini clinics held in person are suspended until further notice. We are developing exciting and innovative online classes and will let you know about them as soon as possible. For any questions please contact our offices at 214.426.0900.