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By Cosette BowlesParenting


Bullying is personal.  It’s in your face.  Bullying intimidates, coerces, shames, and promotes powerlessness.  Bullying has no respect for person.  Socioeconomic status, race or gender does not matter.  A bully...

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By Cosette BowlesIn The Press

Helping Dallas Youth Succeed with Careers

Originally Featured in Southern Dallas Magazine, March 2018

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Grief is for what is now, what once was, what never was or never will be.  Grief is connected to loss – not always obvious and not always immediate.
By Cosette BowlesWellbeing

The Womb of Grief

The holidays magnify our pain and grief.  In the past few months we’ve experienced the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history and major hurricanes whereby people have lost everything they’ve...

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